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Industry Solutions
Flexible Product Portfolio, Solutions for Industry Scenarios
Interactive Game
Provide game industry customers with full-stack solutions for status synchronization, IM chat, real-time voice, chat translation, and sensitive content filtering.
Social Media
Support chat, real-time voice and video interaction, chat translation, real-time filtering of spam such as pornography and violence.
Live Broadcasting
We provide solutions for live broadcasting enterprises with efficient solutions, such as content moderation, In-App chat,etc.
Cross-border E-commerce
Provide instant chat, content moderation, multilingual text recognition, real-time translation and other high-performance product solutions.
The trusted choice for pan-entertainment customers
Global Data Center
Global Multi-region Deployment, Users Can Access Nearby
Number of registration
2 billion+
Average daily message volume
20 million+
Average daily active users
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Customized Solutions
1V1 Service for Large Customers
Our products
Powerful and stable cloud products to meet global business needs
Real-time Communication
The self-developed global real-time messaging service supports users from all over the world to interact on the same server, and the global transmission needs only 100ms on average.
IM-In-app Chat
Supports private chat, group chat, room, broadcast, notification and other functions, support more than millions of people, large groups with more than 300,000 people.
Voice Call
LiveData provides SDK for building one to one and group chat to apps with crystal-clear voice, that adapt to globalization scenarios in low delay voice call situation.
Real-time Video
Quickly build low-latency, low-cost video applications to meet global video conferences, multi-person interactive video calls and other scenarios.
LiveData Translation
Support translation between more than 30 languages, leading the world in the translation of spoken content.
Speech To Text
Convert speech to text. support more than 30 languages to broaden your global user base.
Speech Translation
Integrate Speech-to-text and Real-time Translation, provide online solutions.
Content Moderation
Text Moderation
Real-time filtering of political, pornographic, abusive, violent, banned, advertising and other spam content in the text , We support more than 30 languages.
Image Moderation
Intelligently identify pornographic, political, violent, illegal, advertising, bad scenes and other illegal content in pictures.
Audio Moderation
Accurately identify pornography, politics, violent,, abuse,groaning, advertisements and other spam content in the audio.
Video Moderation
Customize the frame, identify the illegal content in the video, and ensure the security of the video content.
Customer Service Cloud
Intelligent Customer Service
Robots and human customer service are seamlessly connected, customizable forms and unique hot issue analysis functions greatly improve the efficiency of problem solving.
Why choose LiveData
Global deployment, multi-language support, dedicated to providing real-time engagement and artificial intelligence services to global customers
Multi data-center deployment in different areas, services covering the world. Familiar with overseas markets and network status, we are able to provide proxy acceleration for areas with poor networks.
Hyperscale Concurrency
Supports large-scale group interaction, and global distributed framework design can easily cope with more than 10 times daily message volume, easily responding to the sudden increase in user traffic.
Low sdk cost
With multiple versions of SDK and complete solutions, users can focus on their business, and development teams can innovate faster and more frequently.
Artificial Intelligence
We apply cutting-edge machine learning technology to the Pan entertainment industry to fully release the full productivity of operations and enhance user experience.
High Performance
Supports tens of millions of users to play online at the same time, processes more than 30 billion messages per day worldwide, translates more than 30 billion characters per day, and billions of illegal content and spam advertisements are detected.
24/7 hours technical support
24/7 technical support, quick response, and all year round. Covers pre-sales consulting, integration consulting, solution framework consulting, and customer life cycle services.
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Industry Solutions
Flexible product portfolio, solutions suitable for industry scenarios
Interactive Game Solutions
Interactive Game Solutions
Provide full-stack solutions such as status synchronization, real-time communication, real-time translation, content moderation for game industry customers. The system supports tens of millions of high concurrency, and the average global message delay is 100ms.
Social Media Solutions
Social Media Solutions
Redefine social interaction in app chat and mobile push, support real-time engagement of super-large groups, filter out pornographic, violent, banned, advertising and other junk content real time, provide translation and voice recognition capabilities, and improve the global competitiveness of apps.
Live Broadcasting Solutions
Live Broadcasting Solutions
We provide solutions for live broadcasting enterprises with efficient solutions, such as content moderation, In-App chat,etc. System architecture supports millions of users online at the same time in a single live broadcast room.
Cross-border E-commerce Solutions
Cross-border E-commerce Solutions
Provide cross-border E-commerce customers with high-efficiency product operation solutions such as real-time communication, content moderation and real-time translation.
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Global Data Center
Deploy in multiple regions around the world to realize users' nearby sdk and improve user experience
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300 million+
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