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Join Curvature on the cloud, zero distance with top technical algorithm experts, and explore the commercialization of cutting-edge real-time communication and artificial intelligence technology.
Into the curvature of the cloud
Employee Benefits
Health Protection
"Basic + supplementary" medical insurance for employees, and outpatient + million medical insurance for children.
Food Welfare
Monthly meal supplement, rich breakfast benefits. There are also daily fresh fruits, coffee and unlimited snacks.
Value Rest
10 days long annual leave. There are also weekly massages, a large rest area and a special space for lunch breaks.
Have Fun
Weekly basketball, football, and badminton games. Diversified monthly team building.
Attentive Service
There is no reimbursement for taxi rides, and Didi pays directly. Rent a house freely and enjoy the privilege of rent swap and discount.
Exclusive Benefits
Invention patent rewards are 5000 yuan. Choose your birthday gift as you like.
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