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Serve global customers with real-time communication and artificial intelligence services representing the world's level.
About LiveData
LiveData is the world's leading real-time multilingual communication service provider. Through accessing the service, enterprises/developers are able to realize the function of real-time multilingual video/audio communication across the globe, which brings seamless real-time engagement from reality to the virtual world.
With new scenarios such as Metaverse, virtual reality, and GameFi constantly popping up, a provider for such infrastructures as well as multilingual AI services is in great need. With the leading quality and usability of its services, LiveData has become a driving force in this revolution.
In deep cooperation with well-known enterprises such as FunPlus, Ourpalm, 4399, Tuhu Car, Riley Cillian, Holla Group, etc., LiveData has helped the successful launching of a variety of globally phenomenal products. Over 100 million users across the globe have benefited from the high-quality experience of LiveData's services.
Our Mission
Our Mission
To become the leader of global multilingual real-time engagement technology
Our Vision
Our Vision
To let global users enjoy pleasant and entertaining social experiences
Our Core Values
Our Core Values
Self-motivation & Self-discipline, Spirit of Champions, Solidarity and Cooperation, Open-mindedness and Innovation, Customer Obsession, Integrity and Honesty
Product Technical Advantages
Real-Time Engagement
One-stop global online interactive solution, millisecond-level message transmission, global message delay average <100 ms. It has hundreds of billions of peak message processing experience.
Content Risk Control
Cover multiple content types such as text, pictures, audio, and video. Supports 23 languages, has leading voiceprint recognition capabilities.
Artificial Intelligence
Pan Entertainment Industry is the world's leading real-time translation capability, supports 23 languages and covers more than 200 countries. The speech recognition accuracy rate is as high as 95%.
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