Audio Moderation
Perform security audits on audio content, accurately identify pornographic, political, violent, abusive, advertising and other spam content in audio, help you purify the cyberspace, resist the risk of violations, and improve the efficiency of auditing.
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Support audio formats: wav, mp3, aac, amr, 3gp, m4a, wma, ogg, ape, etc. The audio file size does not exceed 5M, and the duration is less than 10 seconds.
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Audio Detection Standard
Pornographic Speech Recognition
Accurately identify pornographic audio content such as love-knocking, sexual harassment, and vulgar voices
Breath Recognition
Based on a powerful algorithm model, accurately identify audio content such as breathlessness, groaning, ASMR, etc.
Political Speech Recognition
Accurately identify audio texts such as sensitive political events, people, topics, rumors, counter-violent and terrorist propaganda, and slander heroes and martyrs
National Anthem Recognition
Accurately identify audio content such as singing the national anthem
Spam Recognition
Accurately identify unofficial marketing advertisements in voice content, social accounts such as WeChat, QQ Whats Appline, etc.
Abusive Recognition
Accurately identify various scenes containing personal attacks and other abusive texts
You can use our products free now
You can use our products free now
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