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Welcome to use the PaaS cloud services provided by Beijing Yunshang Qulv Technology Co., Ltd (hereinafter referred to as “LiveData”). We will take data security measures in accordance with the requirements of laws and regulations to keep your user information secure and controllable. The Terms of Service (hereinafter referred to as the “Agreement”) is made and entered into by and between developer and Livedata. Before you register as our client, you have read, fully understand and agree to all the contents of this Agreement. Once you click on “I have read and agree to the terms” and complete the registration, it represents that you agree to follow all the terms hereof. The Agreement is binding on both you and LiveData. (In this Agreement, “we”, “our” or “us” or “the company” refers to LiveData.) Content of Service (1) LiveData provides to our registered clients a variety of products and services such as real-time messaging, intelligent data analysis, intelligent text mining, content moderation, real-time translation, speech recognition, and intelligent customer service. Please refer to the official website of LiveData ( for details. (2) The content of services is provided to clients according to the actual condition. We reserve the right to modify the terms of service at any time, and will publish the amended version on this page. Therefore, developers are requested to view this page frequently. (3) Your continued use of our services after the modifications have been made shall constitute your acceptance of any modifications. Rules of Use In order to effectively protect your legitimate rights and interests in using our services, you understand and agree to the following terms: (1) You understand and agree that our company can unilaterally modify the relevant terms of the service without your consent. The Terms of Service shall be subject to the terms on the page when you use the service. Your agreement to and compliance with the Terms of Service is a prerequisite of your use of the service. (2) Our company will notify you by email about the progress of the service and prompt you to take the next step, but we do not guarantee that you will receive the email in time, and will not bear any resulting consequences. Therefore, during your use of the service, you shall login to our website to view the progress of the service and perform relevant operations in time. Our company does not assume any responsibility for any disputes or losses caused by your failure to check the service status in time, submit relevant applications as well as modify and confirm the service status in time. (3) During your use of the service, our company has the right to charge you for the service in accordance with the corresponding service contract/term. Our company has the right to establish and adjust service fees. The actual service fee shall be subject to the written agreement signed between you and the company when you use the service. (4) Without the authorization of our company, you shall not use the services and technologies provided by LiveData for any commercial purposes. (5) If the data that you provide contains incorrect or untrue information, our company reserves the right to cancel your registration as a developer and terminate the provision of the services to you. 3. The rights and obligations of Developer (1) You shall agree to our terms of service and the privacy policy and become a registered client on our website before you can use our services. When you register, we will ask you to provide personal information, such as your email address, phone number, etc., which are considered as your identification information. Your registration represents that you agree that we use this information to manage your account and provide you with a series of service access. We can also use this information to notify you of the latest product updates and marketing activities. You have ownership of the aforementioned personal information and independently assume all legal obligations. If such information damages the rights and interests of the software owner or others, you shall bear all liability for compensation. (2) You shall agree that our company verifies your identity through your username and password. Please keep your username and password secure, otherwise, you shall bear the losses caused by the disclosure of your username or password. If you find your account and password fraudulently used or stolen by someone else, or if you find any other unauthorized use of your account and password, you shall immediately notify us using the contact information provided on our website and request that we suspend your relevant services. Meanwhile, you shall understand that it takes a reasonable time for our company to take action on your request, before which our company shall not bear any responsibility for the executed instructions and your losses caused by it. (3) You have the right to use our services and receive technical support from LiveData. Please refer to the relevant product introductions for details of the services. (4) You warrant that you will not use technical or other means to disrupt or interfere with LiveData and other developers who use our services, as well as the websites and services of the branch service. (5) LiveData reserves the right to filter keywords of the information posted by developers using instant messaging channels in accordance with relevant national laws and regulations. And if it is found that the content sent by the developers clearly violates the relevant national laws and regulations, LiveData shall have the right to take actions including but not limited to dissuading, intercepting, until reporting to the relevant public security departments. However, this does not mean that LiveData has the obligation to filter or review the content sent by the developers, nor does it have any responsibilities to review, examine, supervise or other joint and several liabilities. The developers shall be solely responsible for sending such information, and if necessary, the developers shall also be responsible for any damages caused to LiveData as a result. (6) You shall not modify, re-create, decompile or reverse engineer the SDK of the Services, or other attempt to extract the source code, or commit any act that may infringe the copyright, unless we give you explicit written authorization to do so. (7) Any other commercial software and services derived from the company's products, which are developed and officially released, need to be authorized by our company. We have the right to discontinue unauthorized derivative commercial softwares and services and to seek compensation from their developers. Downloading, installing, or using derivative commercial softwares and services that are not authorized by us may result in unforeseen risks, and we have no liability or responsibility for any disputes arising therefrom. (8) You shall ensure the validity of the contact information you provide, as well as the security and stability of the email address you use to receive LiveData emails so that you can receive timely notifications from us. You shall be responsible for all consequences resulting from errors in the contact information you provide and the poor security and stability of the email address you use to receive LiveData's emails. (9) You must follow the following principles when using the Services provided by us: - Do not endanger national security, disclose state secrets, violate the legitimate rights and interests of the national community and citizens, and do not produce, copy, access and disseminate the following information: •Violating the fundamental principles established by the Constitution; •Endangering national security, leaking national secrets, subverting national power or undermining national unity; •Detrimental to the honour and interests of the State; •Inciting ethnic hatred, ethnic discrimination and undermining national unity; •Undermining the State's religious policy and propagating cults and feudal superstitions; •Spreading rumours, disturbing the social order and undermining social stability; •Disseminating obscenity, pornography, gambling, violence, terror or incitement to crime; •Insulting or slandering another person or infringing upon the lawful rights and interests of another person; • Inciting unlawful assemblies, associations, marches, demonstrations or gatherings to disturb the social order; •Acting as an illegal civil organization; •Contains other contents prohibited by laws and administrative regulations. •You shall not damage our interests and reputation and that of other users by any improper means. If you violate the above provisions, we have the right to terminate the service to you, and assist the relevant administrative authorities of the Internet for recourse and investigation. 4. The rights and obligations of LiveData (1) LiveData will provide you with qualified services based on the services you select and the contracts you enter into. (2) LiveData is committed to maintaining the confidentiality of your information, data, and user information. We will not disclose your data to third parties and will not authorize third parties to use your data, unless: It should be provided in accordance with laws and regulations; our company is requested by administrative, judicial and other authorities to provide it; you have agreed to provide it to third parties; it is submitted by LiveData for the purpose of resolving a reported incident, filing a lawsuit; you have released it publicly; LiveData's websites reserve the right to use the publicly available data and information that you register on our website. (3) LiveData reserves the right to review you and decide whether to accept you as a developer of LiveData. After you‘ve passed LiveData's review and become LiveData's developer, it does not mean that LiveData shall take any legal responsibility for your actions. (4) LiveData has the right to review the application information you submitted and decide whether to provide or shut down the service. (5) LiveDate shall reserve the right to terminate the services in the event that you violate any national or local laws or regulations or violate any terms of this Agreement, and in no circumstances will not be liable for any indirect, incidental, special and consequential damages. (6) For the information released by developers through LiveData’s communication channel, LiveData shall reserve the right to filter the information in their communications. If it is found that the content sent by the developers clearly violates relevant national laws and regulations, our company shall have the right to take actions including but not limited to dissuading, intercepting, until reporting to relevant authorities. (7) In the event of your abuse of system resources, LiveData shall reserve the rights to force a shutdown of service and also block your account. (8) In case of the system or service upgrading, LiveData shall reserve the rights to force the developers to upgrade the application and terminate the services of the old version SDK provided by our company. (9) Our company only provides corresponding security measures according to the existing technology to prevent the information held by our company from being lost, abused and falsified. The Security Measures include data backup and encryption. You accept these security measures, however our company can not guarantee the absolute security of the information. (10) For any other commercial software and service deprived of this service, our company shall have the right to terminate the unauthorized derivative software and service, and lodge a compensation claim against the developer. 5. Privacy Policy During your use of our services, LiveData will collect the information provided proactively by you when the services are used or generated in the use of the services as follows, so as to provide you with services, optimize our services, and guarantee the security of your account: (1) In order to provide you with better services, the server will automatically record some information, including URL, IP address, browser type and language used, as well as access date and time when you register or use the services. We will not disclose any of your information except that you've authorized or relevant government departments make the requirements in accordance with laws and regulations. (2) LiveData will automatically collect and store your software information, hardware information, the information you upload to the server of this website and your preference information from target smart terminals (including mobile phones, computers, etc.) and browsers. The above information includes but not limited to the IMEI number of your mobile phone, user name, operating system information, IP address, Cookie information, the usage of GPS and other location services, the pages you visit and other information, but not containing any data related to your business. (3) LiveData will provide certain personal information to our partners who cooperate with us by providing products and services or help us market to customers. Only for the purpose of providing or improving our products and services, and advertising, we may share personal information with third parties; but will neither share personal information with third parties for the purpose of their marketing, nor sell personal information. Our company is obliged to request the aforementioned partners to strictly abide by the confidentiality agreement. (4) In accordance with relevant laws and regulations and national standards, in the following circumstances, we may collect and process your relevant personal information without asking for your consent: When it is directly related to national interests such as national security or national defense, etc; When it is directly related to major public interests such as public security, public health, or public right to know, etc; When it is directly related to a criminal investigation, prosecution, trial or execution of judgments; In order to protect vital legitimate interests of you or of other individuals, such as right of life, property, and reputation, while it’s difficult to obtain the consent of the individual; When the personal information is disclosed to the public by yourself; When the personal information is collected from legally publicly disclosed information, such as legitimate news reports, government information disclosure, etc.. When it is necessary for entering into and performance of a contract to which you are the party; When it is necessary for maintenance of the safe and stable operation of the products or services provided, such as discovering malfunctions, and troubleshooting products or services; When it is necessary for legitimate news reporting; When the information is necessary for any statistical or academic research on public interests. When the results of such academic research are published, any such personal information contained within will be de-identified; Other situations in which it is required by applicable laws and regulations. 6. Confidentiality Any technical and non-technical information disclosed by each of the Parties to each other will be considered as Confidential Information, including but not limited to product information, product plans, product prices, financial and marketing plans, user data, codebases, application programming interface (API), technical descriptions, designs, special formulas, special algorithms, etc.. Both Parties agree to keep the above-mentioned information of each other confidential, and strictly require employees who have access to the Confidential Information to comply with the confidentiality obligations. The Receiving Party shall not disclose the Confidential Information to the public, unless the government agency requires it in accordance with the law or the above-mentioned information has entered the public domain. Both Parties agree that their respective business data and information are their important assets and significant Confidential Information. The Parties shall protect such Confidential Information from disclosure. Once the above-mentioned information leaks, the Parties shall take all necessary measures to avoid and mitigate the consequences. This term shall not be invalidated by the termination of this Agreement. 7. Intellectual property rights LiveData legally owns all copyrights, intellectual property rights and other intellectual achievements related to the products/services of LiveData, which is protected by law, except those noted to have cited third party contents. Without the written authorization of LiveData or a third-party, no one shall, by any means, reproduce, distribute, print or play, use hyperlinks to connect or transmit, use method of mirror images to load to any other server, store to an information retrieval system, or use for any other commercial purposes, any content on the official website of LiveData. LiveData completely owns all trademarks and logos used and displayed by LiveData, except trademarks, logos, trade names noted to be owned by third parties. Without the written authorization of LiveData, users shall not, by any means, use, permit or authorize others to use LiveData’s trade names, trademarks, logos, etc.. Users shall not rent, lend, copy, counterfeit or modify the technical achievements of LiveData, shall not use the softwares and services provided by LiveData for other commercial purposes, shall not decompile, disassemble, reverse engineer technical achievements of LiveData, shall not acquire by any means the target program or source code for which Party B has intellectual property rights. 8. Disclaimer In the following circumstances, our website and LiveData shall not bear any legal liability. When we provide your personal information in accordance with the requirements of laws, regulations or relevant government authorities; When any personal information leaks due to your improper use; Any service interruptions, obstructions, etc. that result in failure to meet user requirements due to hacker attacks, computer viruses, illegal or harassing information blocking, government control, and any other network, technology, communication lines, information security management measures, etc.. When users suffer losses due to third parties such as operator’s communication line failure, technical problems, network and computer failures, system instability and other force majeure; The possible risk of being exposed to anonymous or pseudonymous information from others containing threats, defamatory, offensive or illegal content when using services of LiveData. 9. Miscellaneous terms The invalidity of any term or part of any term of this Agreement shall not affect the validity of any other term of this Agreement or the remainder of the term. The interpretation, validity and dispute resolution of this Agreement are applicable to the laws of the People’s Republic of China. If there is any dispute or controversy between you and LiveData, it shall be settled through friendly negotiation first. If the negotiation fails, you agree to submit the dispute or controversy to the competent courts where Beijing Yunshang Qulv Co., Ltd. is located for litigation. 10. Contact us: If you have any questions or suggestions that matter the terms of service or need to contact us for other concerns, please send email to Our company reserves the right to interpret the Terms of Service.
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